screenprinting is for thinkers.

things will always change. screenprinting will always stay the same. the repetition stakes its claim.


beautiful...more pictures to follow.


tim and i are in the studio. listening to music, pretending there's more than a week until we hang the show.
there's not.
for not really being a part of the artistic process at all, i'm pretty excited about the next month. to see something physical take shape out of an abstract idea. i remember talking to tim on the phone in august. he was in portland, i was in my backyard enjoying a cool late summer evening. and we first talked about a screen printing studio; a collective. of course, it sort of felt like any of the other million ideas we've had.
[i.e. it was a great idea. and would remain just an idea]
now, eight months or so later, we're about to show our first collection of art. we're now more than an idea, we're the infantree llc. [not that i know what that means]
it's just pretty humbling to watch yourself trip, stumble and fall into something bigger than you are. and to walk that journey with a friend doesn't know why anymore than you, but will keep pushing forward with you. so, i'm excited about this show, but more i'm excited about what the infantree can become.
so one week from today, we'll hang works from philly, south korea and lancaster on the walls of a little cafe on prince street. you should probably come check it out.

and we'll keep pushing forward. finding out who we are. and the journey...that's the point.


read this comic

i think it's quite funny.


so there's this website called moo...

i just got a small package in the mail from them. see, you can get these rad little cards printed by them. basically, they're mini business cards. the crazy thing is they'll print up to 100 different images on the front. for $20. it's legit.

mine came via the royal post this afternoon. it made my day. they are pretty.

i like small pretty things.

like lillie. she's small and pretty.
and my baby.



interesting remake of the old apple 1984 ad. obama for the mac generation.